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Yagadome Training Camps are for the most dedicated athletes, searching how to excel to the very top of their perspective sport discipline.

Spread on Asia, Europe and America continents, our headquarters are partnering with the best coaches, teams and competitors in all grappling styles, including BJJ, Sambo, Judo, Olympic and Combat Wrestling, also in other disciplines, such as MMA, Combat Sambo, Kyokushin, Kudo karate, Sanda and many more.

Subscribers will undergo intensive training with the best in the world, compete in tournaments and gain priceless experience, while traveling the world to exotic locations.

Yagadome Training Camps are for groups or individuals.

Dates are scheduled on personal preference basis (*for participation in tournaments, please make inquiries in advance).

Basic price for the camps is $100/ day, including accommodation, full access to training facilities and group training sessions (*individual or private classes are not included).

Tournament participation is on request only and advanced inquiries are a must.




Camps in Osaka, Japan are organized several times a year, around scheduled Kodokan Judo and BJJ tournaments.

Participants will undergo intensive training with coaches and champions of Judo and BJJ with several different teams.

Main focus will be technical and physical preparation for coaches and athletes, leading to their participation in  dan grading Judo tournament in Kodokan Osaka, also BJJ tournaments in Osaka and Kansai Area.


  • Kodokan Judo Black Belt Certificate (*requires 1st dan level, winning the required number of matches in official Kodokan Batsugun tournament and registration with the club)

Package offers:

  • Accommodation in central Osaka.
  • Free pocket WiFi.
  • 1 or 2 trainings per day, including technical preparation/ sparrings with different Judo and BJJ teams.
  • Tournament registrations.
  • Original Kusakura white judogi, custom size (on demand).
  • Judo tournament participation (depending on competition calendar)


Combat Wrestling





Sofia camps are focused on maximizing the potential of Sambo/ Combat Sambo athletes, but also:

  • Sambo/ Combat Sambo athletes.
  • Combat Wrestling athletes.
  • Professional MMA competitors.

Participants will undergo rigorous training with top athletes and world champions from the Bulgarian national Sambo/ Combat Sambo.

It is only one place in the world where 5 World Champions train in same place every day including Combat Sambo National and  World Champions, repeated Combat Wrestling World Champions, Pankration World Champion, multiple national Greco- Roman and Freestyle  Wrestling Champions and the best MMA fighters in Bulgaria with tons of experience.

Our partner gym Fight Club Bulgaria gym often hosts MMA, grappling and striking events, where camp athletes can participate.

Package includes:

  • Accommodation in central Sofia.
  • 1 or 2 trainings per day, depending on the choice and focus of the camp.
  • Original Hadjiev kurtka and shorts (on demand).
  • Bulgarian Bag Instructor certification (on demand)
  • Participation in MMA, grappling or striking competitions (depending on competition calendar)




георгиев топ тийм




Camps in Goinania, Brazil are offering the unique opportunity for BJJ aficionados and athletes.

Participants will have the chance to train:

  • BJJ with the Gracie Barra biggest competition team.
  • Sambo and Combat Wrestling privates with Ivaylo Ivanov.
  • One of the best Judo competition teams in Brazil.

Unique chance for training with multiple BJJ champions on all levels, including advanced Gi and NoGi championships. Supplemented with BJJ oriented Wrestling, Judo and Sambo classes.

Packages include:

  • Accommodation in central Goiania.
  • 2 or 3 trainings per day, including S&C morning sessions.
  • Participation in local BJJ, Judo, Wrestling (depending on competition calendar)
  • Cultural trips and sightseeing in Goiania and other cities.



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