Training Camps


Camps in Osaka, Japan are organized several times a year, around scheduled BJJ and Kodokan Judo tournaments.

Participants will undergo intensive training with coaches and champions of Judo and BJJ with several different teams.

Main focus will be technical and physical preparation for coaches and athletes, leading to their participation in  dan grading Judo tournament in Kodokan Osaka, also BJJ tournaments in Osaka and Kansai Area.


  • Kodokan Judo Black Belt Certificate (*requires 1st dan level, winning the required number of matches in official Kodokan Batsugun tournament and registration with the club)

Package offers:

  • Free pocket WiFi.
  • 2 or 3 trainings per day, including S&C training and technical preparation/ sparrings with different Judo and BJJ teams.
  • Tournament registrations.
  • Original Kusakura white judogi, custom size (on demand).
  • Batsugun Judo tournament participation.
  • BJJ tournament participation (depending on competition calendar).
  • Cultural trips and sightseeing in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara.

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Combat Wrestling






Sofia camps are focused on maximizing the potential of:

  • Professional MMA competitors.
  • Sambo/ Combat Sambo athletes.
  • Combat Wrestling coach & referee certification and tournament performance for athletes.

Participants will undergo rigorous training with Bulgarian national Sambo/ Combat Sambo and Combat Wrestling national team members and world champions. Professional MMA athletes for sparring partners and Olympic level nutritionists and conditioning specialists.

It is only one place in the world where 5 World Champions train in same place every day including repeated Combat Wrestling World Champions, Combat Sambo World Champions, multiple national Greco- Roman and Freestyle  Wrestling Champions and some of the best MMA fighters.


  • FICW Coach & Referee Certificate (*requires previous grappling experience of at least 3 years)
  • Bulgarian Bag Instructor Certificate

Package includes:

  • Accommodation in central Sofia.
  • 2 or 3 trainings per day, depending on the choice and focus of the camp.
  • Original Hadjiev kurtka and shorts (on demand).
  • Original FICW shorts and rashguard (on demand).
  • Combat Wrestling Coach & Referee seminar and certification.
  • Bulgarian Bag Instructor certification.
  • Personalized nutrition plans and supplementation.
  • Access to Olympic training facilities.
  • Sport massage therapies with certified physiotherapist from national team of Bulgaria (0n demand).
  • Cultural trips and sightseeing in Sofia and surroundings.

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