Forging the iron- part I



In the next series of articles, I would like to give you some ideas, how to structure and plan your physical preparation for general health and competitions.

First of all, I would like to divide the training regiments into a few categories:

General abilities and physical condition– here we can include all exercises, used in your training sessions as warm ups, drills and conditioning. For every grappling art, there are slight differences, regarding the goals and the focus of a strength and conditioning program. Also, all grappling styles require strong grip, neck, shoulders, lower back and legs, explosiveness in throws, strength endurance for holding positions on the ground, flexibility and other skills, which should be developed through the course of the off season training or in the normal classes.

The training protocol for this phase consists on the drills in the beginning of the training session. The warm up of every class should be reinforcing the specific body parts, preparing them for the stress of the technical part and the sparring. Making sure that everyone from the athletes have his whole body prepared for the class, with better blood circulation, can also guarantee the trainer that the risk of injuries will be minimum.

Enhancing individual aspects– this part would be focused on the competitors and its target is to improve certain aspect of his physical condition, lacking at the moment or improving it on purpose, for the needs of his individual style. Normally we are talking about increasing VO2 ┬ámax capacity, prolonging the period before the lactic acid production, strength in certain body parts, improving of the cardiovascular and neural system.

Normally, this kind of specific training should be done separated from the technical training of the athlete. Depending on the time between tournament seasons or the competition schedule, the training could be focused entirely on one aspect alone or it could target multiple goals at the same time.

Sport specific aspects– in this phase, the training is concentrated on the specifics of the sport and its rules. The trainers team should be working with a plan, based on the dynamics and the goals of each discipline. This includes duration of a match, average time between explosive moments, duration of strength application, recovery time between matches, heart rate monitoring and others.

The training in this phase is strictly competitive and very detailed for each sport. The coaches should experiment with different methodologies during the off season, to find which one suits their athletes best, according to the teams commodities, geographical position of the athletes and the city in which the tournament takes place.

In the following few articles, will  have some better explanation and will look in details in each of the mentioned phases of preparation and structuring of a training sessions.

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