Forging the iron- part II



This instalment will look into the warm up and conditioning exercises in daily classes and the way to build a good protocol, preparing your athletes for the physical stress of a following session.

Warm up:

A warm up shoud be built around drills, focused on mobility, velocity, agility and preparing all the major joints for the technical part of the class.

A typical warm up would start with a running around the mat, then by some jumping/ shooting takedowns or sprawls drills.

Follow up with mat drills, such as front and back rolls, shrimping, crawling, using only certain parts (like crawling with elbows or hands only), neck bridges.

After we get the blood to circulate faster, we ¬†might include exercises, carrying a partner around the mat, using moves, specific for the sport we practice (for example, fireman’s carry would be a universal drill for all grappling sports). Those circuits should include a few variations of front, back and sideways carry.

Practicing breakfalls is a must in the beginning of every class and could be combined with a few gymnastic jumps, cart wheel variations or using a higher amplitude of the breakfall, by jumping over a partner.

Now we can separate the group on pairs and have them drill sport specific- back arching, pummeling, pick ups, double leg shots, judo uchikomi and etc . for 10- 15 minutes, after that, our athletes are ready to move to the technical training.

Post workouts:

In the end of each session, we could include conditioning intervals, for the duration of 2 or 3 rounds, depending on the sport.

Those routines should consist on a constant work for the whole match, build around 1 or several exercises with a work period (of about 15 seconds), followed by an explosive movement with weight.

For example, for the duration of a wrestling match, we could execute repeatedly this routine:

15 seconds of kettlebell swings

1 supplex of a wrestling dummy

Or a bit more advanced:

shooting double legs with a bulgarian bag on the shoulders, for 20 meters

3 throws with a partner


The post workout exercises could also be working on specifical weaknes in a certain athlete, like lack of mobility, strenght or VO2 capacity. A bit more detailed programs for those regimes, would be taken into account in our next instalment.





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