Forging the iron- part III




The off season, or the period between intense competition preparation, is the best time an athlete could use to work on his own strenght and conditioning indicators.

To understand which of his physical components have to be focused on, we first have to set a table with strenght and conditioning standards to follow. Of course, the levels would greatly vary with weight classes and specifics of the sport, but let’s take a look of a simple example of basic requirements for an athlete performance:

Back Squat= 2x BW (body weight)

Front Squat= 1,5x BW

Deadlift= 2x BW

Power Clean= 1x BW

Shoulder Press= 1x BW

Bench Press= 1,5x BW

Time for completion of 100 reps of every of the following exercises: burpees, pull ups/ chin ups, dips, 24 kg kettlebell swings= under 5 min.

Time for 5000 m row/ run= under 20 min.

Time for 2000 m swim= under 30 min.

Other indicators (long jump, high jump, hammer throw and etc.) could be taken into account as well, but it would be difficult to set a standard, since the numbers will differ with the category.

In case any of the demonstrated above levels are not achieved, the athlete should consult with his head coach and S&C trainer, to prepare training schedule, program and nutritioning plan for the needs of the competitor.


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