Holiday Workout with Bulgarian Bag

imageHolidays are upon us and everyone who works out, knows what that means:

Closed gyms and extra calories.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I feel horrible if I wake up with no muscle pain or stiff neck from the last night rolling in the gym.

So, here I am, drinking my morning coffee and packing my Bulgarian Bag for an outdoor holiday session.

The neighbors are sitting on the benches around, discussing their Christmas preparations and plans, while I stretch and unzip the carry on bag, slowly attracting everyone’s attention.

Been an expat for the last 15 years I got used to be stared at, so I just grab the handles and start swinging.

Now here are a few principles I like to implement in my Bulgarian Bag protocols.

First, I like to work with goals. And for my conditioning sessions, that number is 500 reps. That is 500 reps total for the whole work out.

Sometimes I would do an entire session with only one compound exercise, in sets of max reps to failure, until I reach 500 reps.

But today, I want to include wider variety of exercises so I came up with this protocol:

5 rounds of 100 reps each.

Each round is based on 2 exercises, to be executed in a superset, without a break in between, until the end of the round.

1 min rest between rounds.


1st round

A: Snatch x10

B: Triceps extension x10


2nd round (using the side handles of the bag)

A: Clean and jerk x10

B: Biceps curl x10


3rd round

A: Bag spinning x10

B: Vertical jump squats with the bag x10


4th round

A: Lateral arm throw x10

B: Bear crawl x10 m (bag is placed on the back, using the strap handles)


5th round

A: Thruster x10 (using side handles)

B: Push ups x10 (bag is placed on the shoulders)


Now yon can head to the Christmas buffet with no fear 🙂




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