Ivaylo Ivanov

Yagadome is a sports science project, founded by me and dedicated to helping athletes and coaches around the globe reaching their maximum potential and sport specific goals, through introduction to various training methods, seminars, camps and competitive events.

I started my martial arts career with Greco- Roman Wrestling in my native Bulgaria, from the age of 5.

Over the course of the next 35 years, I dedicated myself to learn all aspects of fighting arts, with main accent on grappling arts, while coaching, training and traveling  in Japan, China, Mexico and all over the world. With credentials  in Wrestling, SAMBO, Judo and BJJ, I developed my own concept of the ideal grappler, equally strong on his feet and on the ground, with deep knowledge of positional and submission game, with heavy emphasis on pins and leg locks.

My students have managed to place at the highest level in competitions and earn their degrees in SAMBO, BJJ, Judo and plenty of submission wrestling styles, using my training methods and principles.

In 2014, I founded the International Combat Wrestling Federation (FICW®) and I am serving as its president, organizing international championships, professional sport events and educational courses ever since.


Ivaylo Ivanov