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Children are the future and we, at Yagadome, are doing our best to support kids sport events, educational classes and active sport carrier, by organizing kids classes, seminars and games in all gyms in the Yagadome network.

Implying “Strong mind in strong body” mentality, our Kids Programs promote training since early age, to help building a character with great discipline, healthy lifestyle, confidence and self esteem.

Our efforts are extending over the bounds of our society, trying to reach and help those, less fortunate in life. We believe that sport programs, supporting underprivileged kids and orphans, could successfully integrate them into the society, by giving them a chance to contribute as competitors or coaches, professional sport functioners and educators.

  • The donation program for 2017 have reached our goal to help kids with no access to judo uniforms. Over the course of 1 year, we managed to donate over 30 used judogis to kids and teenagers in Bulgaria and Brazil.
  • For 2018, we are targeting to introduce underprivileged kids to free BJJ classes in Goiania, Brazil

Our 2017 campaign and photos from sport clubs in Bulgaria, where the donated judogis were sent:

Support our cause, by donation to our Yagadome™ Scholarship program and help keeping our future healthy and safe.

Any donation will be awarded with a free copies to all books in the Yagadome library and special promo code for purchase of any goods in our store.

Thank you!

Yagadome™ Scholarship

Kids copiaYagadome™ Scholarship is a program, offering a chance to underprivileged kids and orphans, to receive full professional sports training and open the door for future champions.

Your kind donations will be used to cover costs for uniforms, gym subscriptions, sport insurances, competition fees and many other costs, associated with the long process of the creation of successful athlete.

By supporting Yagadome™ Scholarship program, one could provide the unique opportunity for the less favored by luck kids, to reach their potential and give them fighting chance in life, through sports education.






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