Yagadome™  is a sport science project, designed to produce superior athletes and trainers, excelling in all areas of grappling arts and MMA.

Our headquarters are spread on 2 continents, organizing events, offering training camps, seminars, video instructionals and educational courses for competitors and coaching staff.

From standard certification courses, to personalized custom protocols, Yagadome aims to help competitors and coaches to reach their maximum potential. Our track record speaks for itself, our programs have helped many athletes to achieve their competition goals and win championship, amateur and pro fights.

Yagadome coaches have some of the highest credentials in Olympic and Combat Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, BJJ, MMA and Sanda. 

Ivaylo Ivanov

Ivaylo Ivanov

  •  – Founder of Yagadome
  •  – Founder and President of FICW (International Federation of Combat Wrestling)
  •  – 2nd Dan Judo Black Belt
  •  – Sambo Master of Sport
  •  – BJJ Brown Belt

Multiple medalist from world, national and regional championships in Combat Wrestling, Judo, Sambo and BJJ.

Successfully coached athletes from various countries to the highest competition level in Combat Wrestling, Sambo and other sports.




Georgiev Top Team

Georgiev Top Team

  • Kamen GeorgievWorld champion of Combat Wrestling, Sanda and Combat Sambo
  • Nural NazmievWorld champion of Combat Wrestling, multiple national Freestyle Wrestling champion
  • Boris Velichkov- World champion of Combat Wrestling, Total Fighting and Combat Sambo

… and many professional MMA fighters and members of national Sambo, Combat Wrestling, Judo teams.





Yagadome™ works in close partnership with FICW, Kodokan, Daishin Judo Club, Georgiev Top Team, M I Sport Club and the Bulgarian Sambo Federation.



Combat Wrestling