Physical preparation for grapplers- part 2



In the second part of the article, dedicated on example of a training program for grapplers, we will offer you a detailed protocol, designed to be used by practitioners of any grappling style- wrestling, sambo, judo, BJJ.

As we already took a detailed look at the theoretical part in part 1, now we will continue with the choice of exercises, used weights and rest periods.

Protocol A:

Supersets of two exercises, using weights, normally used for 3 maximum repetitions (MR). The routine is based on 1 repetition on exercise A, immediately followed by 1 repetition on exercise B, and repeating, until the superset is done (number of rounds is shown in the scale bellow).

The rest period between the supersets is 5 minutes in the beginning and should be dropping 1 minute every week, until all 3 supersets are done with no break between.


A: Hang clean & jerk + Back squat x 12 rounds

B: Bench press + Deadlift x 10 rounds

C: Weighted pull ups + Weighted dips x 8 rounds


Protocol B:

This routine is build by 4 cirquits of 14 exercises, executed one after another, with no rest in between, using weights of 70% of a maximum repetition (roughly, weights for not more then 8- 10 repetitions before failure).

The repetitions for each exercise, should be up to failure and then move to the next exercise. The repetitions could be just a few in the end, but it is important to keep the weights the same.

The number of cirquits to complete is 4. Rest period between cirquits, up to 3 minutes.

Front squat

Sumo deadlift

High pull

Hang clean

Shoulder press


Bench press

Pull ups with a gi/ rope/ towell

Pull ups on a bar

Chin ups on a bar

Kettlebell swing

Bulgarian bag spin

Push ups

Pummeling with kettlebells (video bellow)


Protocol C:

30- 40 meters sprint

Total of 10 sets, with 30 seconds rest between the bursts.

3 x Rope climbing

Important detail- climb to a lenght BEFORE failure. For example, if you could normaly climb 8 meters, for this routine climb 5 meters only.

4 x 2 Thruster

The weight for the thrusters, should be your 5 MR weight.




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