Ryan Ford is the founder of the Grappling Central Podcast- the Who is Who list of the grappling world, in all of its disciplines: BJJ, SAMBO, Submission Grappling, Judo and many others.

Grappler Union Podcast with hosts Javier Palomo & Anthony Zito. Their passion for the art and their experience through the eyes of Jiu Jitsu players gives a unique perspective of the lifestyle. Stories including staying healthy, training, competing, and overall life experiences.

Кратко И Ясно/ Kratko Y Yasno is a Bulgarian podcast, for all aspects of training and competing in various styles of Grappling, MMA and other combat sports. The host, Nikolay Dobruzhanski is the most successful MMA coach in Bulgaria, lead his athletes to champion titles in IMMAF and trains many professional veterans, competed in RIZIN, ACB and many other fighting organizations around the world.

Emmanuel McBryde is the founder of Mach Kinetics- a website, a podcast and a blog about his life and experience in Japan, training Kudo and a plethora of martial arts, meeting lots of interesting folks and presenting them on his podcast.