Sport specific training- Judo



In a small series of short articles, I will introduce a few principles of how to build a training protocols, to insure the athletes are physically well prepared for their competitions.

Let’s start with Judo!

Now, as most of you know, Judo throws are based on taking the opponent out of balance, by using wide variety of grips, then throw.

Let’s say, that our athlete have his throwing technic drilled for months and is able to execute it successfully in randori against all of his opponents.

Well, all we need to do from here, is to be sure he would be able to execute it with the same speed and strength for the whole duration of the fight.

First, we need to define our athlete’s style. Let’s say he is an uchimata guy- that means he will be exploding with his legs and hips.

Now, we figure an exercise, taxing the body similar to the throw. I’d say, we could use a power clean.


Then we plan the strategy of the fight- this could be done in a few different ways:

1. Calculate percentage of entries, to find how many times your athlete will try until he hits the throw.

2. Plan the pace of the fight- do you want him to explode with a throw in every 10- 15- 20 seconds?


Once we figure out how do we want our judoka to perform, we can put the basics of the protocol.

Let’s say he is used to grip fight for 15 seconds, before he throws.

We need some hard resistance rubber bands to simulate that.

And we need an Olympic bar with weight, similar to the athlete’s own bodyweight.

Of course, let’s not forget the pin! Best would be, to have one of the sparring partners around, so he could help.

Once everything is in place, we can proceed to the actual protocol.

Let’s have 15 seconds of grip fight, followed by a big throw and in the end of every 1 minute, the athlete should pin his partner for 10 seconds.

So, using the basic equipment we have, the protocol will be as follows:

15 seconds uchimata entries with rubber band

1 power clean

This circuit should be repeated for the duration of 1 minute, followed by pinning the sparring partner for 10 seconds.

Repeat 5 times (judo matches last 5 minutes).

As a variation, we can have the sparring partner pinning our athlete, so he can practice escapes.

Important detail- count the entries with the rubber band for every 15 seconds and also the time needed for the power clean. Our goal is to have a judoka, who can perform the same in the beginning and in the end of the fight!

Once those numbers are achieved, we can progress with 6 minutes fight, heavier weights, shorter grip fight time and etc.


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