Sport specific training- SAMBO 4




For people who haven’t trained sambo, the sport looks very similar to judo, mostly because of the presence of a jacket in a grappling style. Truth is the dynamics of a sambo match are a lot closer to wrestling, plus the grip fight.

Sambo is quite physical demanding and so should be the competition preparation.

The grip fight in sambo would include variety of grips, including belt ones and leg grabs, which would determine our preparation schedule.

Lets start with the length of the matches- the duration of sambo fights is 1 round of 5 minutes.

The fights start from standing position and consist on repeatedly throwing and pinning your opponent, until you gain point difference of 12 points or a chance of submission appears. Of course, there is a possibility of throwing for full victory, but that require quit a lot of throw drilling for specific landing position of uke (ippon in sambo is achieved only if after the throw, your opponent is flat on his back and you are standing on both of your feet).

So, as you can imagine, the proper physical preparation for sambo competition should be based on circuit, including dynamic upper and lower body work, with periods of static holds, to simulate pins or submission attempts.

Lets start with a wrestling dummy protocol.

You can use a dummy, approximately 50%  of your own body weight and slowly progressing up until you are able to do the whole protocol with a dummy, around you full body weight.

So, if we use the wrestling mat as a training length, let’s get a training partner in your or upper category and we are ready to start.

Take the dummy on your shoulders (fireman carry) and imitate tackles for the whole length of the mat, where your training partner will pin you for 10 seconds, while you are trying to escape.

Immediately after that you body lock the dummy and throw suplex, without releasing your hold. Repeat until the end of the mat, where you will pin your training partner for the duration of 20 seconds.

Rotate the two drills without a pause for the duration of a full match (5 minutes regular time plus 1 minute of breaks, so total of 6 minutes).

Have your coach time 6 minutes, then rest for 3 minutes.

Repeat 3 times and slowly progress to 5 matches.

* This protocol is to be practiced not more than 3 times a week, for the duration of 6-8 weeks before competition. Could replace technical preparation or sparrings. All weight training should be done separated.

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