VARNA 2022 Annual Camp

The Annual Yagadome Camp VARNA 2022 is now open for registration .July 10th~July 17th Varna, BULGARIA 5 days of training twice a day with top level coaches from Sambo, Judo, Jiujitsu, Wrestling, even Sumo! A tournament for the Title of the King of 175, under Combat Wrestling rules.Sambo modified rules tournament. 6 days of relaxing Read more about VARNA 2022 Annual Camp[…]

Varna Open (photos)

On July 4th, in Varna, Bulgaria was held the first Varna Open tournament, for Sambo beginners and intermediate level competitors.

Competitors had the opportunity to compete in Sport and Combat Sambo, also in the pilot project for Sambo Par Terre, geared towards the development of more intricate and extensive groundwork within the Sambo athletes’ community.


UPDATES: Varna Camp 2021


Official coaches for the Varna Camp 2021 are:

Kamen Georgiev (BUL)

Kamen Georgiev is a Bulgarian Sambo national team veteran member and medalist from many Sambo Worlds and Euros, winner of Combat Sambo World Cup.