Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

1st Combat Wrestling World Championship

11782263_862100340540203_3932769323654392547_oFICW has been busy this year, organizing plenty of national trials in the countries, members of the International Federation, in order to select the best grapplers for the 1st Combat Wrestling World Championship ever, to be held on 22nd of August in the city of Varna, Bulgaria.



Only four weeks are separating us from this historical event!

Over the last seven months, FICW managed to spread over four continents and 17 countries:


Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Spain, UK, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia


Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina


Japan, Philippines, Iran, Azerbaijan


… and several more countries are currently under negotiations to join FICW.

After the national trials were held, here are how the brackets are looking at the Worlds (still expecting the team of Iran, Argentina and a few individual players to confirm participation):

100+ kg
Dezso Bertalan
Kristian Kanev
Tomoyuki Oka
Milan Vrbić

Under 100 kg
Kevin Sniff
Ivan Vićić
Martin Jenkinson
Kamen Georgiev
Gabor Szots

Under 90 kg
Balazs Juhasz
Nural Nazmiev
Anthony Sansonetti
Gabriel Rossi
Luka Breberina
Castagnasso Francesco
Michael Butler
Gilbert Ombao

Under 82 kg
Morgan Bracken
Vincent Pelletier Robitaille
Aleksandar Ivanović
Fogà Andrea
Adam Lindop
Joseph Abela
Takahisa Oda
Boris Velichkov
Mate Toth

Under 74 kg
José Asho Manso
Diyan Shkodrov
Roli Delgado
Matthew Kaiser
Aleksa Bosnić
Lavaggi Andrea
Karlo Sevilla
Karl Mifsud

Under 68 kg
Denny Lenormand
Adam MacFadyen
Vukasin Jaćimović
Danyel Pilò
Bryan Creighton
Matthew Camilleri
Boris Tonev
Zaurbek Dryaev

Under 62 kg
Stanislav Dimitrov
Sadahit Niimura
Pavle Davidović

Alberto Alamia


56+ kg
Tana Rita
Emily Crawford

Under 56 kg
Aleksandra Toncheva
Abdessalem Sarah

The official brackets and matching will be announced in the following weeks.

Lets wish the all luck!

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