December 4, 2019


Yagadome Affiliation Program

The Yagadome Affiliation Program is geared towards building all-around grapplers, equally skilled for BJJ, Sambo, Judo, and Submission Grappling.

The 5 years program offers blueprints for growth from a complete beginner to an experienced competitor and a coach.

On completion, all trainees become Yagadome certified coaches.


Education and knowledge are key and this is where Yagadome excels. The affiliated teams will enjoy full access to custom created curriculums, including:

  • 5 year macro plan, setting the blueprints for equal development of stand up and ground athletes from complete beginners to advanced competitors.
  • Annual macro plan, following the practitioner’s skill set, performance and motor movement expansion.
  • Trimester plan, for fine tuning on all levels, needed for competitions of all styles.


Trimester testing

Yagadome Curriculums require regular performance testing of all athletes, helping their coaches to keep track on their own team growth.

Using our skill and performance maping system, everyone can keep track on all aspects of their progress.

Every 3 months, the following parameters will be tested and evaluated.

  • Technical skills
  • Physical performance
  • Coordination
  • Strategic comprehencion

Video Library

Our Video Library offers:

The Yagadome TV Subscription comes in 5 tiers, from Beginner to Coach level.

Technical description of throws, setups, submissions, pins, reversals, workout protocols, coaching strategies and many more!

Subscribers can choose their own level and get access to the content for as low as $2 a month or $20 a year!

The Yagadome Video Library has amazing content from world champions and top competitors in various different grappling styles, including Sambo, Judo, BJJ, Combat Wrestling, Sub Grappling, Sumo, and many more.

A free 3 page sample of the curriculum

Online Support

  • Every part of the practical content of the curriculum will be available for online instructions, video explanations, Q&A.
  • Online Seminars: now every small gym has the ability of booking a online seminar on a very affordable budget.



Yagadome is officially registered as a global competition team with SJJIF:

Affiliated teams will be able to compete and represent the Yagadome banner globally, in any of the biggest BJJ events.


Starting 2020, Yagadome is organizing a series of Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo events, including international team tournaments and cups.

Our goal is to include annual Yagadome Cup as international level event in the FIAS calendar.

Submission Grappling

We continue our Yagadome Invitational events, with Sub Only and Combat Wrestling rule set, individual and team competitions.


Yagadome has internal ranking system, based on competition results (both for athletes and coaches) from BJJ, Sambo, Judo and other grappling styles.

The top of the ranking list enjoys:

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