Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Best Takedowns for BJJ- Part I

Lets talk about the takedown game in BJJ.

Many BJJ practitioners, willing to improve their abilities on their feet, usually join a judo club and practice classic judo throws, eager to gain advantage in competitions.

But in reality, a lot of the throws in judo or wrestling, might not be suitable for a BJJer.

Here is why:

After executing a throw, the BJJ player will continue working on the ground, most probably for the rest of the match.

So, one have to be very careful, choosing the landing position of his throws and if possible, to avoid takedowns, putting him in a difficult or risky situation.

Of course, we have to keep in mind, that the usual stance in BJJ is a lot lower than judo, so the application of the technics should be adjusted to the stance, which most probably will be hard to do in judo gym.

Now, if you look a bit more general, the throw is something like advanced passguard in BJJ- you lift/ flip/ trip your opponent on his back and land in immobilization, so the ideal throws would be ones, that the thrower wont end up in his opponent’s guard.

Meaning, that as easy the leg trips such as ouchi/ kouchi gari are, you will most probably end up stuck with guard passing after.

And if you dont have a good pinning game, you might want to stay away from big turning throws, such as uchimata, seoinage, osotogari and haraigoshi, because lose control after the throw, means you will give the opponent an opportunity to crawl on your back.

So what to look after then?

Lets start with deashibarai- a timing dependant technic with lower risk. One will need quite a long time to develop the proper timing for the trip, but once mastered, you wont bother with passguard:


Another throw on the easy side would be sasaetsurikomi. The throw could be done like this:

Or for the people who really want to look cool, it can look like this:

And now lets look at the throws, available for people, who prefer to go on their backs and use sweeps.

First, yoko otoshi:


Sumigaeshi from 2 on 1:

That would be enough as a start!

Next article will be dedicated on sambo throws for BJJ.

Good luck!

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