Yagadome Training Camps are for the most dedicated athletes, searching how to excel to the very top of their perspective sport discipline.

Spread on Asia, Europe, North, and South America, our headquarters and affiliates are partnering with the best coaches, teams, and competitors in all grappling styles, including BJJ, Sambo, Judo, Olympic, and Submission Wrestling, also in other disciplines, such as MMA, Combat Sambo, Kyokushin and Kudo karate, Muaythai, Sanda and many more.

Subscribers undergo intensive training with the best in the world, compete in tournaments and gain priceless experience while traveling the world to exotic locations.

Group Camps

The Yagadome Sambo Annual Camp 2022 will be held from July 10th-17th in Varna, Bulgaria.

Individual Camps

Dates are scheduled on a personal preference basis.

Participants can choose the style they want to focus on, make inquiries with our coaches, arrange training schedules, logistics, airport transportation, and all other traveling logistics.

The basic price package cost is $100 per day, including accommodation, full access to Yagadome training facilities, and group training sessions (*individual or private classes are not included in the cost).

*Tournament participation is on request only and advanced inquiries are a must.

Affiliated Camp Locations

Beyond our own facilities, we have a great network of coaches, competitors, and gyms all around the world.

Training Judo in Japan, Jiujitsu in Brazil and Wrestling or Sambo in Bulgaria is a dream for all serious practitioners.

We turn this dream into reality!

For inquiries, please send us a message: