Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Combat Wrestling Sofia Open, Report



On 2nd of November, in Bulgaria, Sofia was held an open event, as a part of the world tournaments of the International Federation of Combat Wrestling.

As a chairman, I presided over the tournament, together with the representative for Bulgaria, Kamen Georgiev and also took part as a main referee.


We had a short rules meeting, where I explained some main points of Combat Wrestling, basic strategies, and particularly for this event- the first grappling tournament, held in a cage in Bulgaria. A few of the participants were MMA fighters, well versed in cage use, but for some of the other guys, that aspect brought some unexpected difficulties.604112_727223047361267_1569314268281800129_n

From the first fight, things got intense and I was surprised to see how advanced the level of the grapplers was. Typically a strong wrestling and sambo country, Bulgaria has recently start producing some high quality submission wrestlers as well and Im sure that very soon we are about to hear the names of a few up and comers from the area.10624799_726920920724813_4928710790325617540_n

The event saw almost no injuries and very fair play, making my day as a ref easier.


The spectators were quite amusing as well 🙂10431544_727223560694549_8964968797797270741_n1920199_726855334064705_2849512882838409555_n

And here are some of the matches:

Final under 82 kg

Final under 100kg

Final under 68 kg, Juniors

And here is the list of the winners:

Man, under 100 kg:

1. Nural Nazmiev

2. Yavor Ninov

3. Kostadin Vangelov


Man, under 82 kg:

1. Kristian Popov

2. Tihon Demovskiy

3. Nikolay Parov


Man, under 74 kg:

1. Ivan Iliev

2. Martin Medarov


Man, under 68 kg:

1. Veselin Dukov

2. Borislav Angelov

3. Ilian Bukolski


Juniors, under 82 kg:

1. Nikolay Parov

2. Rafi Kumruyan


Juniors, under 68 kg:

1. Martin Tomov

2. Nikolay Ivanov




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