Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Cupping Therapy

Health column by @shiatsuichikawa

What is it?

Bloodletting therapy, has been known and commonly used in Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America for centuries, in various different forms and methods, including Cupping.

The Cupping therapy is essentially a type of bloodletting, done with the help of vacuum cups.


Vacuum cupping helps to improve the blood circulation, the nerve and the lymphatic systems of the body.

The vacuum suction cups forces the blood into the skin, opening up the capillaries, the stiff nerves, purifies the skin (the largest organ of the human body), removes stagnant corpuscles and blood clots, helps curing rheumatic disorders, removes toxins from the blood and has many other positive effects on the general health.

Cupping is also great for regenerating injuries, help with infections and inflammations.

It is common for Judo dojos in Japan, to have a Shiatsu clinic, offering cupping, electrical and acupuncture services, for immediate treatment, or long term physiotherapy of training injuries.

*In the photo: The Daishin Judo and Osteopatchic CLinic, where I use to train, in Osaka, Japan.

When to use?

All combat athletes must have a specific Healing routines, included in their weekly training schedules.

Human body goes under a lot of stress, when is exposed to weekly training sessions, especially when training with a partner, who’s main goal is to cause routinely, controlled damage.

I recommend regular weekly sessions, using a combined approach of deep tissue Shiatsu massage with Cupping therapy, to help the athletes recover from the training process, and give enough time and resources to heal, addressing specific areas, if necessary.

The appropriate timing for the treatment, would be to use the weekends, for full body recovery and alimentation, before entering the new weekly cycle of training, for best results and longevity in the beloved sport discipline.

Stay healthy!

*Video of Cupping therapy is now available on the Yagadome Health YT channel.

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