Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Elastic Bands Workout


I often travel around the globe and while I enjoy meeting new people, visiting new places and encountering new cultures, it is very common for me to encounter the same problem in every travel- lack of proper gym.

I know, that there are plenty of people out there, who also spend a lot of time out of their comfort zone, traveling for work or leisure.

During the years, I have been constantly searching for tools, protocols and exercise routines for people, who are gymless a lot of time.

Today, Id like to show you a few routines with elastic bands- a tool, which I now pack together with my toothbrush, when Im heading to the airport.

Routine 1:

Grab the elastic band and pass it behind your back, holding both ends.


Set the timer on your phone to 3 min and proceed with 5- 10 rounds of shadow boxing.

In the pauses of 30 seconds, you can do push ups, ab exercises, squats or burpees.




Routine 2:

Take the elastic bands in your hands and do a 100 reps of the following exercises:

Front Split

Over the head Split

Back Split

Front Press

Jumping Lunges




Routine 3:

Isometric EDT.

Take several exercises and pause for 30 seconds, before you move to the next one. Do all exercises without break, until the end of the round. You can set 20 min round on the timer and give it a go.

Here is an example:


Squat (hold in low position)

Back Extension (face down on the ground, lift legs and arms)

Over the head Split (hold elastic band in stretched position)

Front Split (hold elastic band in stretched position)


Have fun 🙂



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