Event coverage from around the world

Yagadome TV channel provides coverage of original brand events, organized under different rule sets, as well as reports on international events from various Combat Sports styles.

Original Brand Events:

KING of 175

King of 175 lbs

8 men tournament under Combat Wrestling rules, for the champion belt and the title KING of 175.

Our 1st YAGADOME INVITATIONAL event YI1 was held on March 17th, 2019 in Koulikov Grappling Academy (Hewet, NJ).
8 men tournament, under Combat Wrestling rules, for the title of KING OF 175 lbs, with several Sub Only super fights between the qualifications rounds:

SAMBO Par Terre

Sambo Par Terre

Sambo Par Terre is a tournament, part of a pilot program for the Bulgarian Sambo Federation, with the goal of enhancing the ground game performance of all Sambo athletes

The first Sambo Par Terre event was held on July 4th, 2021 in Varna, Bulgaria.

Open weight tournament, using modified Combat Sambo grappling ground game rule set for scoring:

  • 20 sec pin (2 points)
  • All chokes allowed
  • All armlocks allowed
  • Straight leglocks allowed
  • Competitors start from “Back to back” position
  • Submission spacial escapes (out of boundaries or standing up) allowed and penalised (1 point for opponent)

*All events are available for free viewing on our FB page and YouTube channel Yagadome TV Events.