Combat Sports Project
Combat Sports Project



Yagadome organizes seminars and professional Yagadome events in different disciplines and rule sets.

KING of 175

Our 1st YAGADOME INVITATIONAL event YI1 was held on March 17th in Koulikov Grappling Academy (Hewet, NJ).
8 men tournament, under Combat Wrestling rules, for the title of KING OF 175 lbs, with several Sub Only super fights between the qualifications rounds:


The RING is a new format Submission Only tournament with 4 competitors at open weight.

*All events to be available for free viewing on our FB page and YouTube channel Yagadome TV.


SAMBO, BJJ, Submission Grappling, Combat Wrestling and other competition tips, shared with the deepest details and variations, for seasoned athletes and recreational practitioners as well.

Exact dates and locations can be found on our Facebook page.

Videos from previous seminars: