Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Interview with Combat SAMBO national coach – Rosen Dimitrov




Could you please introduce your self to our readers?

My name is Rosen Mitkov Dimitrov from Bulgaria, I am 3 times world champion of combat sambo, european sport and combat sambo champion and winner of the world judo cup. Currently I am coaching the bulgarian combat sambo national team.

How did you started with sambo?

I started training sambo in club Lokomotiv, with my first coach Angel Varbanov. I was overweighted at the time, so in the beginning I just wanted to lose some weight and get in shape. First I trained judo and sambo, but as it turned out, I had talent, so continued working hard and competed on international level, representing my country. From 2005, I entered in professional MMA and focused on my striking game with my coach Petar Stoichkov in order to be more well rounded.

Tell us about your best sport accomplishment.

In 2007 I became world champion of combat sambo for the frst time and that was the happiest day of my life.

Why do you think Bulgaria have so many succesful athletes in sambo?

We are good at individual sports in general. We are hard to predict, well rounded and very stubborn, with incredible will to win. I think we, bulgarians are giving all we have when we fight and that is why we win.

Could you let us know who should we look out for, from your team?

All the boys are doing a great job and their hard work always pays out. But if I have to mention a name, that would be Marko Kosev, who is looking to get his 5th world title in combat sambo, this year in Japan.

Share with us some of your recent projects.

At the moment, me and my team, we are working on promoting our own MMA organization, called Twins MMA. We had a few events in Sofia, Bulgaria, with average attendance of over 4000 people per event, which I think is quite good for a local promotion in East Europe. We are looking to provide good fights to our spectators and build up quality MMA shows, attracting great crowd and sponsors, willing to promote their brand through MMA. Actually, now we are preparing our next event, scheduled for May. Im sure the venue will be sold out as always. People love to see my guys fight.Watch out- the national combat sambo team will not disapoint you!


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