Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

“Iron” Nakamura Hiroshi talks Ikkiuchi



My name is Nakamura Hiroshi. People also call me “Iron” Nakamura.

I am 33 years old, judo black belt, Bellator fighter with 11 years of MMA practice and record of  16 wins and 7 losses.

Recently I had my second fight in Bellator and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my pace, came under a lot of pressure and after a difficult fight, I scored a loss.

Ikkiuchi was a 8 man open weight grappling tournament with 5 minutes submission only, no points system. This type of tournaments encourages very aggressive style of fight in order to attract the attention of regular viewers. I usually grapple more relaxed, but after my participation in Ikkiuchi, I liked it and I think it helped me to change a bit my style. I will grapple more actively from now on and try to look more for finishes.

I decided to wear a hakama, so my opponents couldn’t read my footwork and use surprise attacks. I think it worked (laughes).

imageAt the moment, I have concentrate mainly on my BJJ. I train in Carpe Diem gym ( The level of the athletes (even the blue and the purple belts) there is quite high and I get tapped all day long (laughes).

My dream is to enter in the BJJ Worlds next year and win the gold.

I would also like to return to MMA practice soon and get back on track with my MMA record, fighting abroad and of course, winning the Bellator belt!

At the moment, I am also studying physiology and work as a sport trainer. One day, after my retirement I’d like to concentrate on coaching. Martial arts and all sports in general, see no gender, race or country. I’d like to become a good coach.

Once I am done with competitions, I’d like to sit down and make a simple analysis of my career, of my fights and take it from there.

Life of a martial artist is great! It helps me see my true self!

Of course, there is the issue of the financial reward a fighter can get and I think that at this moment, fighters are not really paid well. The sport of MMA it self is usually seen as very brutal and even barbaric by many people- you take mount and punch your opponent in the head and that’s like a street fight for the untrained eye. I’d like to see the day MMA gets the recognition of baseball, golf, soccer, athletics, so we can enjoy the same fame and benefits the athletes from those sports do.

I would like to use the chance to express my gratitude towards my sponsors, the supplements company Body Plus ( and my friends from the BJJ Gi brand OSS Clothing ( Without you guy, I wouldn’t be where I am today! Thank you very much!

And thank you Yagadome for this interview!




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