Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Kettlebell routines



Kettlebels are a great tool in the arsenal of a strength and conditioning coach.

Routines colud be built around kettlebell cirquits, combined with body weight exercises. Kettlebells are easy to carry, which makes them a great asset- one could just put them in the trunk of the car, next to the family picnic basquet and do a quick cirquit outdoors.

Kettlebell cirquits could be also used as off day exercises for power athletes, or just for fun.

Usually, the kettlebells are coming in the set of 16 kg (1 pud)- 24 kg (1,5 puds)- 32 kg (2 puds).

The lightest one (16 kg) is considered a weight for  juveniles or ladies. Usually men exercise with 24 kg. And in the end, the 32 kg kettlebell is a strong man tool.


Protocols could be built in many different ways, depending on the needs of an athlete. Here are some routines, based on different principles:

Cirquit A (Based on volume per time period)

100 Clean and jerks

100 Goblet squats

The cirquit could be timed and each session should be targeting completion in a shorter period.


Cirquit B (Based on rounds per set time period)

10 Cleans

10 Shoulder presses

10 Weighted crunches

The goal of this protocol is to complete as many rounds of the cirquit, as possible within 20 minutes (for exampe).


Cirquit C (Kettlebell and bodyweight exercises cirquits)

3 Turkish get ups (on each side)

10 Chin ups

3 Turkish get ups (on each side)

10 Clapping push ups

3 Turkish get ups (on each side)

10 Pistol squats

The cirquit could be repeated for 8- 10 sets.


Cirquit D (Improving VO2 max capacity)

5 Clean and jerks

50 m Sprint or 500 m Row

For the maximum of 10 rounds, without a rest in between. An advanced version could include running stairs.


Cirquit E (or The Animal, named after my friend Rudolf Sikorski)

40 Kettlebell pummeling

40 Thrusters

40 Snatch and triceps extensions

Try to beat your own time record every session.


Do not be afraid to experiment with your own cirquits.

Kettlebell exercises are fun and should be seen as such, instead of just a work out tool.

Have fun!



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