Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Kids Camp 2022

The first Yagadome Kids Camp

Shabla, Bulgaria

August 2022

The Shabla lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse of Bulgaria, and is located at the beak of Bulgaria’s eastern geographical point.

The nearby town of Shabla was established many centuries ago, is currently a famous touristic location, and also a hometown for one of our teammates at Yagadome HQ.

When I heard my student just renovated a guest house, located just behind the lighthouse, I promised him I will be his first guest…

The place was amazing!

There is a natural mineral spring, just behind the house, which combined with black, healing mud, from the local Shabla Tuzla, is a great bonus, for injured athletes like me.

The beach is just 100 meters away, and at night, I could see the lighthouse and listen to the sea waves…

Both me and my wife loved the tranquillity of the place, and decided to use the location for a kids camp for my sports club.

Kids Camp 2022

As a first Kids Camp, I decided to play it safe, and took only 5 of the kids from my gym.

Camp program was simple:

  • Early morning class at the beach, where the kids did exercises, drills and sparrings in the sand.
  • Breakfast, that we all make together.
  • Beach time between 10:00 and 12:00.
  • Lunch at the local restaurants.
  • Afternoon book reading. Mandatory 1 hour of reading from a favourite book.
  • Nap
  • Afternoon training at the beach, and fun activities (paintball, fishing, balneotherapy and etc.)
  • BBQ for dinner.
  • Sleep

I used the opportunity, to teach the kids the importance of been able to take care of themselves alone.

They learned how to clean their rooms, make their own beds, wash clothes, cook, fishing, tracking, and many other useful skills.

They also had the chance, to experience for a first time in their lives, the wonders of natural healing, using the help of mineral/thermal spring, and balneotherapy.

Needless to say, the kids loved it and wanted to stay longer, so I promised them, the next summer camp will be longer and with all the kids from our gym, and visiting teams.

Personally, it was a very teaching experience, listening and talking to kids, watching their eyes spark, when they learn something new…

Really looking forward to Kids Summer Camp 2023!

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