• Cupping Therapy

    Health column by @shiatsuichikawa What is it? Bloodletting therapy, has been known and commonly used in Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America for centuries, in various different forms and methods, including Cupping. The Cupping therapy is essentially a type of bloodletting, done with the help of vacuum cups.TAGS: cuppinghealinghealthpoint massageshiatsushiatsu ichikawaYagadome指圧

  • Sport/Combat SAMBO Nationals Bulgaria 2022

    (Event analysis with video HL) On March 5th 2022, the Bulgarian Sambo Nationals were held in the city of Panagyurishte. The Combat Sambo Nationals were held on the following, March 6th 2022, in the same event area, the “Arena Asarel” sports complex.TAGS: 2022Bulgariachampionshipcombat sambonationalsamboYagadomeБългарияДЛОШСАМБО

  • Geometry and drills: Throwing

    Drills are a big part of the learning process in throwing. The body must move in a specific way, to be able to unbalance and lift/throw a resisting opponent. And then we need to repeat this specific way thousands of times, for it to become a muscle memory, and executed with perfection, when needed. Before […]