• Kids Camp 2022

    Kids Camp 2022

    The first Yagadome Kids Camp Shabla, Bulgaria August 2022 The Shabla lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse of Bulgaria, and is located at the beak of Bulgaria’s eastern geographical point. The nearby town of Shabla was established many centuries ago, is currently a famous touristic location, and also a hometown for one of our teammates at […]

  • Thracian Games 2022 Submission Only tournament

    Thracian Games 2022 Submission Only tournament

    Thracian Games In ancient Thracia, the traditional Thracian Games (similar to the Greek Olympics) were held in a few warrior disciplines, including running in full battle armour, javelin throwing, archery, chariot racing, boxing, wrestling and other activities, to select the best warriors, and award them with the Golden Laurels (gold gilded oak leaves). Winners were […]

  • Competition Simulation

    Competition Simulation

    The competition simulation as a mental preparation tool Do you remember your first competition? Without a doubt, one of the most stressful experiences in the life of a young athlete, is his first journey as a competitor. The fear of losing in front of teammates, coach, family and friends is a a big, mental obstacle, […]