Unsymmetrical Grips now in store!

The Unsymmetrical Grips textbook is now in store! Soviet era old school illustrated instructional, demonstrating 11 unorthodox gripping positions in Sambo, now applicable to any Gi grappling style, to dominate the stand up! The popular short articles in my blog, now fully extended to detailed explanation of the positions, gripping sequences, possible attack angles, defense Read more about Unsymmetrical Grips now in store![…]

Unsymmetrical Grips I – Middle Grip

  The tactical preparation for a competition, requires knowledge of not only the standard symmetrical sleeve and collar grips, but also the variations that are developed for competitive control and throws. Let’s start with the Middle Grip. From kenka yotsu position, the attacker holds the closer lapel and the rear sleeve. The most common movements Read more about Unsymmetrical Grips I – Middle Grip[…]