Varna Camp

Yagadome Training Camps presents you the VARNA CAMP in Varna, Bulgaria! The Yagadome HQs are in Varna, where founder IVAYLO IVANOV was born and raised. VARNA Varna is the premium resort city of Bulgaria. Called also “The Black Sea Pearl”, the city origins can be traced back over 8000 years and has incorporated all the Read more about Varna Camp[…]

Seminars in USA 2019

This February, Im heading to USA for a series of seminars, ahead of the YAGADOME INVITATIONAL 1 event (March 17th). The seminars this year will consist on Gi and No Gi techniques in both, standing and ground positions, suitable for all grappling styles. On the feet, the attendees will learn how to counter lapel grips Read more about Seminars in USA 2019[…]


The 3rd volume of Coach Chronicles, called Bear Strength focused on physical preparation for grapplers of all styles, is now available in the Yagadome Library. Simplistically explained major points, needed for the athletes longevity, health, injury prevention and of course, best performance! Several sample programs for both, competitors and recreational practitioners. Get strong as a Read more about BEAR STRENGTH[…]