Varna Camp

Yagadome Training Camps presents you the VARNA CAMP in Varna, Bulgaria! The Yagadome HQs are in Varna, where founder IVAYLO IVANOV was born and raised. VARNA Varna is the premium resort city of Bulgaria. Called also “The Black Sea Pearl”, the city origins can be traced back over 8000 years and has incorporated all the Read more about Varna Camp[…]

XBody test

Today I had the chance to test the XBody workout machine at Haraigoshi Dojo- our partner in Yagadome Training Camp Brazil. The device is an EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) protocol based, where participants are using special bodysuit with many electrodes, making direct contact with the skin and making the muscle contract with frequency and power, Read more about XBody test[…]