10 Seconds Move videos

A few weeks ago we added a new section to the Yagadome YouTube channel, called “10 Seconds Move”, In this section, we will upload weekly several techniques, including throws, pins, escapes, submissions, reversals, drills and some grappling strategy basics for all styles of Gi or No Gi grappling. Check the first few videos here:

THE FORMULA is coming out in July

  Competing at the top level in every sport takes a great deal of dedication and sacrifices. The elite athletes on top of each division are sometimes so well developed, it seems they really are superhuman. They have spent hours and days, and weeks, and years into sharpening their best tools to win in dominating Read more about THE FORMULA is coming out in July[…]

Yagadome Training Camps

Hello everyone! It took me a while to get back to monthly updates on all Yagadome activities, but starting this month, I promise to be regular and send the Yagadome monthly subscription mail at the beginning of every month. There was quite a few changes in our global services. Let me start with the Yagadome Read more about Yagadome Training Camps[…]