Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Unsymmetrical Grips I – Middle Grip



The tactical preparation for a competition, requires knowledge of not only the standard symmetrical sleeve and collar grips, but also the variations that are developed for competitive control and throws.

Let’s start with the Middle Grip.

From kenka yotsu position, the attacker holds the closer lapel and the rear sleeve.

The most common movements available from Middle Grip are diagonal, partial turning and partial falling (such as sacrifice).

By taking unsymmetrical grip and position, the attacker assures that his opponent is limited in his movements and could predict easily the counters.

Front leg throws could be:

Tai Otoshi

kosoto Gari

Rear leg throw could be Tani Otoshi

and many more. Please, feel free to post comments of other suggestions.

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