Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Unsymmetrical Grips IV- Reversed Close Grip





One of my personal favorite grips.

The attacker’s leading hand is gripping the belt or the lower back of the opponent’s back. The rare hand is gripping the opponent’s far side lapel.

The attacker is in kenka yotsu position, but very close to the opponent’s body, on almost 90 degrees angle.

Pulling with both arms, tori gets use in position, difficult to execute counters.

Tori has option of using forward hip throws, backward pick up throws, sacrifice throws in direction behind uke’s back and if he let go the back grip, he could easily transit to grabbing the legs and executing variety of throws, such as teguruma.

Herecis a video of Ivaylo Ivanov from Bulgaria, where he throws his opponent with uchimata from a very similar grip:

And here I demonstrate ouchigari from the same grip, with variation of gripping the sleeve instead of the lapel.

Another variation of uchimata, frequently used in sambo:

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