Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Unsymmetrical Grips V- Front Hanging Grip




Following, I would like to introduce you to the grips, using the front side of the belt.

Attacker takes position, a bit on the outside and grips the leading sleeve of the opponent. His rear hand grips the front side of Ike’s belt.

There are a few variations of this type of grips, most common been the Front Hanging one.

One of the best futures of this grip is that tori completely controls uke’s hip, dictating the distance.

By gripping his sleeve, tori prevents the best counter use could execute- makikomi.

Variety of throws are available from this position, most common been uchimata, osotogari, kataguruma.

In reality, by using the belt grip, attacker can move his opponent around easily and choose where to grip with his other hand.

Another common variation could be encountered in competitions- Front Diagonal Hanging grip:




This variation forces uke to stay heavy on his front leg, making it easier for tori to attack with big turning throws.

Another variation is the Front Diagonal grip:

imageIn this position, uke’s weight is equally distributed on his both feet.

Tori can attack with reaping and blocking the front leg. Good option from this position would be kouchigari.


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