Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Varna Camp

Yagadome Training Camps presents you the VARNA CAMP in Varna, Bulgaria!

The Yagadome HQs are in Varna, where founder IVAYLO IVANOV was born and raised.


Varna is the premium resort city of Bulgaria.

Called also “The Black Sea Pearl”, the city origins can be traced back over 8000 years and has incorporated all the influences from different historical periods and civilizations.

Beautiful beach, great food an amazing sightseeing locations within 30 min drive are just some of the perks.

The training camp is intense and daily recovery is guaranteed with the help of our friends from the hot yoga studio Bikram Yoga Varna and the services of the Japanese point massage studio Shiatsu Varna.

Accommodation in Varna provides 2 options:

  • The Winery– a private cottage, located just outside of Varna, 2 km from the beach. Full package, covering 3 meals per day, parking space, outdoor gym and playing paintball in the forest at the back of the estate.
  • The Apartment is located in central Varna and provides easy access to all major locations, shops ad eateries in the city.


Now, with several training locations in the city, the camp offers you the opportunity to train under IVAYLO IVANOV himself, in any of the desired grappling discipline:

  • Sambo
  • Judo
  • BJJ
  • Submission or Olympic Wrestling
  • Sumo

All of the training schedules include strength and conditioning routine, customizable to all level practitioners.


Partnering with the most decorated MMA team of Bulgaria, DESANT MMA TEAM, we are now capable of organizing personal scheduled camp in the resort city of Varna, where besides hardcore training, the participants can also enjoy the beach and all activities of the summer resort city.

DESANT MMA TEAM offers MMA training for beginners, amateur and professional athletes and there are also grappling-only training sessions for those that want to refine their skills in this area. We have morning and evening classes and our gym has an excellent location, parking lot and locker rooms with a shower. Also, we can offer judo lessons for your kid, if you plan to make a whole family trip.

DESANT MMA TEAM head-coach NIKOLAY DOBRUDZHANSKI is one the most respected coaches in Bulgaria with a high-level experience on such events like UFC, RIZIN, M-1, ACB, ACA, XFN and others.

DESANT MMA TEAM is the leading bulgarian MMA club with his numerous national championships titles and 15 medals from IMMAF international championships.

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