June 16, 2020


Yagadome TV

Yagadome TV is your online source for coaching tutorials, technical videos and curriculums, bringing excellence in all aspects of grappling.

Sambo, Judo, BJJ, Submission and Olympic Wrestling, Sumo and many more.

Demonstrated by top competitors, champions and coaches with vast knowledge of their sport.

Learn from the best, to bring your own game to excellence!


Yagadome TV is hosted on Gumroad.

Yagadome TV offers a monthly subscription service, for as low as $2!

The Yagadome TV Subscription is based on our Yagadome Affiliation curriculum and covers all 5 levels, from Beginner to Coach, including basics and advanced techniques, competition strategies, workout protocols, coaching pointers and more.

Every week, new video is added to each level:

  • Year 1 (Beginner): Introduction to basics, building motor skills and instincts.
  • Year 2 (Intermediate): Diving deeper, learning action-reaction chains.
  • Year 3 (Advanced): Feel comfortable in all situations, all styles.
  • Year 4 (Master): Excell at your own formula for winning.
  • Year 5 (Coach): Giving back to the community. How to teach all levels and ages.

Click on the image below, subscribe for the cost of a coffee and reach up for the skyes:


The Yagadome TV also offers tutorial by some of the best and most experienced athletes, competitors and coaches in the world!

Each tutorial shows a number of techniques, covering sport-specific details and the athlete’s personal preference.

Dont miss out!

Live Wrestling clinic with Nural Nazmiev (BUL), demonstrating his favorite moves and their fine details.

  • 5x Combat Wrestling world champion
  • 1x UWW Pankration world champion
  • UFC start athletes Alistair Overeem and Alexander Gustafsson wrestling coach and sparring partner

Combat Sambo instructional video with Combat Sambo World Cup winner Kamen Georgiev (BUL).

Learn how to mix up strikes, grips, takedowns and ground and pound from one of the most experienced Combat Sambo fighters in the world!

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Torakio (BUL) is ex professional Sumo player, who trained and competed in Japan, in the sumobeya of Ozeki Kotooshu.

Learn how to take initiative in a Sumo bout, how to overcome, drive back and throw bigger and stronger opponents.

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