Combat Sports Project Est.2012
Combat Sports Project Est.2012

Yagadome Training Camps

Hello everyone!

It took me a while to get back to monthly updates on all Yagadome activities, but starting this month, I promise to be regular and send the Yagadome monthly subscription mail at the beginning of every month.

There was quite a few changes in our global services.

Let me start with the Yagadome Training Camps, since the demand from individual participants is been skyrocketing in the last year.

Starting this year, Yagadome Training Camps are available in 3 locations:

  1. Osaka, JAPAN
  2. Sofia, BULGARIA
  3. Goiania, BRAZIL

Each of the Yagadome Training Camps offers unique opportunity to focus on specific combat sport, in its country of origin and practice with top level competitors and champions in the respective sport.

Each of the camps is adjustable to the individual needs of the participants. Schedules will be customized accordingly to your plan, alone or a group.

Accommodations are also available on request.


Osaka Camp

The Osaka camp is organized all year round, mainly focused on Judo practitioners, eager to experience the traditional japanese judo training in competition clubs, universities and traditional dojos, such as our main partner Daishin Judo Club, the Osaka Kodokan Dojo, the Shudokan Dojo (in Osaka Castle), Osaka University Judo Club, Kinki University Judo Club and others.

  • Depending on the time and competition schedule, participation in local judo tournaments is possible to arrange, 
  • Kosen judo tournaments are held only 2-3 times per year and need arrangements at least a few months in advance.

This camp provides accommodation in central Osaka, very convenient for cultural sightseeing in Osaka and the nearby cities of Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.

While in Japan, dont miss the chance to experience also the local BJJ scene. Japan is home to some of the best BJJ teams and dojos in the world, including the Impacto BJJ team and the famous Suita BJJ team.


Sofia Camp

Sofia Camp is available all year round, to individual athletes and groups.

This camp is focused on athletes and competitors in MMA, Combat & Sport Sambo, Combat Wrestling, Olympic Wrestling.

Our partner gyms in Bulgaria are the Fight Club Bulgaria (home to several world champions in Combat Wrestling, Combat Sambo, Pankration, MMA, Sanda, members of the Bulgarian Wrestling and Sambo team), the Bulgarian Sambo Federation, Twins MMA organization and the best MMA and BJJ clubs in the country.

Some of the extras of the Sofia Camp:

  • Suples Training System instructor training and certification is available to the interested.
  • Professional massage from the masseuse of the Bulgarian Olympic Team to help fast recovery and heal injuries is available on request.
  • Fight Club Bulgaria often organizes and hosts tournaments and competitions under MMA, Combat Wrestling, Combat Sambo and various others striking and grappling rule sets. Participation in the tournaments or even in professional MMA matches is possible to arrange.

Accommodations in central Sofia are arrangeable through our website.



Goiania Camp

The Goiania Camp is available all year around, for individuals and groups.

It is based in Goiania, Brazil and focuses on BJJ and Judo.

Our main gym partners are Gracie Barra Goiania and Dojo Haraigoshi where the top competitors in BJJ and Judo in Goiania state prepare.

Goinaia Camp also offers:

  • No Gi and Gi classes with the best BJJ athletes in Goiania state.
  • Participation in BJJ or Judo competitions are possible, if arranged in advance.
  • Private Sambo classes with Ivaylo Ivanov.
  • Strength and conditioning preparation for competitors.

Accommodations in Goiania are available through our website.


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